For the Consumer

When Choosing a Realtor®:

  • Interview at least three Realtors® before deciding
  • Choose a Realtor® with experience
  • Ask for referrals and follow up on them
  • Talk to past clients
  • Don’t just settle for the Realtor® asking for the lowest commission
  • Have questions ready to learn about your Realtor®
  • Review the NH Agency Disclosure Form by clicking here

Why Use a REALTOR?

The term “REALTOR®" is a registered trademark that identifies a real estate professional and member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®(NAR). Representing over 1.2 million members, NAR is the largest trade association in the world, and is established as "The Voice for Real Estate.”

The benefits of working with a REALTOR® include professionalism, knowledge, and trust. REALTORS® have more access to tools, resources, and information to help you sell your property and/or purchase a new property. You can trust them to work and negotiate in your best interests. A REALTOR® knows how to advertise the property you want to sell and has access to the property you want to purchase. REALTORS® are up-to-date on current market news and changes. REALTORS® have ties to their communities and the communities in which they sell, so they can find you to the tools to adjust to your new community.

More than just a different name separates a REALTOR® from an agent who simply holds a real estate license. A REALTOR® is a time-honored symbol of knowledge, trust, and experience. A REALTOR® exemplifies true professionalism and promises to treat all clients honestly. Every REALTOR® agrees to abide by NAR’s strict Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism and consumer protection. All REALTORS® are expected to maintain a higher level of knowledge of the real estate process, to conduct their real estate business in accordance with the Code of Ethics, and will always be held accountable by their local association. Founded in 1908, NAR currently has more than 1,400 local associations and boards, and 54 state and territory associations.


Professionalism in Real Estate

The Seacoast Board of Realtors Memorial Scholarship – In Memory of Lori Breard-Weeden was established in January of 2011.  Lori Breard-Weeden was a REALTOR®, and an active part of the community.  As a REALTOR®, Lori was very active in The Seacoast Board of Realtors, and besides serving for several years on the Board of Directors, she chaired the Finance Committee and served as the Board's Treasurer and Vice President.  Lori had a strong commitment to the continuing education and professionalism of local real estate agents, and was instrumental in bringing many educational opportunities to the Membership.  In honor of Lori's tireless efforts for the Membership of the Seacoast Board of Realtors, the Board of Directors voted to establish this annual scholarship to honor her memory.

This scholarship is given every year to a graduating senior from one of the four area high schools; Exeter, Portsmouth, Winnacunnet and Newmarket.  To qualify for the scholarship, the Senior must be accepted to an accredited post-graduate program, motivated to learn, involved with the community and sponsored by a Seacoast Board REALTOR® or a REALTOR® Affiliate.   The Community Service Committee is dedicated to working throughout the year to raise money for the scholarships by means of raffles, events, and other fundraisers.

Not all real estate practitioners are created equal.  There is a big difference between a real estate licensee and a Realtor®.  Only a practitioner who has agreed to accept and abide by the Code of Ethics of the National Association of Realtors® can call himself/herself a Realtor®.

The Code of Ethics, first adopted over a century ago, is a living document.  Its content is responsive to changes in law and industry.  The Code has been revised and modified over the years to reflect developments in the professional real estate practice.

Despite the best of intentions, occasional conflicts and disagreements arise between Realtors® and/or between Realtors® and their clients or customers.  Many times, the Code of Ethics offers guidance for resolution.
Many difficulties between Realtors® and their customers or clients result from misunderstanding or miscommunication.  Individuals having difficulties with a Realtor® may want to speak with the Realtor® managing broker.  Open, constructive discussion oftentimes resolves questions and/or difficulties, eliminating the need for further action.

SBR offers its members and their clients and customers a means to expedite certain complaints without going to court.  A Realtor® or member of the public who believes a Realtor® has acted in an unethical manner that is in violation of the Code of Ethics may seek resolution by filing an ethics complaint with SBR.


Trusted by the best

Our members offer the entire New Hampshire Seacoast community years of experience, knowledge and professionalism.

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