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JM Headshot

Executive Officer

Jess Mozdierz

CF Headshot

Marketing Director

Caitlin Flowers

Who to Contact:

Jessica Mozdierz, Executive Officer (she/her); 603-433-9990

Jess is available for any queries involving Ethics and Arbitration, she is a certified Professional Standards Administrator and can guide you through the first steps of Ethics and Arbitration disputes or contact a Mediator. Please note, Professional Standards Administrators cannot in any way make decisions on who is correct in a dispute, only arrange Mediation or Hearings.

You can also contact Jess for questions regarding the following:

  • Event Sponsorships
  • Class Sponsorships
  • Room Rental scheduling
  • Requests for classes and topics
  • Affiliate and REALTOR of the Year Nominations
  • Requests to join committees
  • General information about the Seacoast Board
  • Questions regarding events
  • Scam alerts in the area

Caitlin Flowers, Marketing Director; 603-433-9990

You can contact Caitlin for:

  • Marketing flyer broadcasts
  • Code of Ethics
  • General membership questions
  • Affiliate Pop-up forms
  • Application questions